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Your Success Story

How did it feel when you were helped???  How has massage therapy or another type of bodywork changed your life? You’ve read some of our stories of healing and inspiration, and there are more to come. We want to hear about your experiences, and others do too!  Share your story here and help us to help the world, one person at a time.  

This one is from a recent client who came to CHAI for massage therapy:

“Massage therapy has made a huge difference in my life! I had a history of low back pain – severe at times.Pen_opt Discomfort had become part of daily life. It affected my breathing, my posture, and my overall sense of wellbeing. It even affected my tone of voice and attitude about everything. Chronic pain was not only hurting me physically, it was hurting me emotionally. I had received relaxation style massages before, but something more was needed. A friend recommended deep-tissue massage from CHAI. I was willing to try anything. My muscles were so knotted up and tense that the first session left me feeling exhausted and sore. Convinced that this was the type of massage therapy I needed, I went back for more sessions. Finally, my body cooperated and I could feel the knots loosen and the tension ease. The release was physical and emotional. I felt joy!  I could get up from the table and walk without pain!  I could breathe deeply and move freely!  And now I can sleep more soundly than I have in years!”  (K. McMurtry)

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Whether  you’re testing the waters to find out if massage therapy is a possible career path, or you’re fully committed to jumping right in, we want you to know why Cohutta Healing Arts Institute (CHAI) is the school for you.  Massage therapy is more than just a career path. It’s a journey into healing and wholeness…for yourself and others. Contact us today to receive a student massage or register for classes.

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One Response to Your Success Story

  • It was an honor to share “my story.” The power of touch has definitely made a difference in my life.