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Ellijay, Georgia

Whats in a name?

For those folks who live in and around North Georgia, the name “Cohutta” is familiar and dear. For those who don’t live in the area, you might be wondering what our name is all about.

Cohutta Mtns_opt

Ellijay, Georgia is nestled in the foothills of North Georgia’s Cohutta Wilderness Area – the largest federally protected wilderness area east of the Mississippi. The Cohutta Mountains are part of the oldest known mountains in the world. They run from Conasauga Lake which is northwest of Ellijay up into Tennessee and North Carolina where they once bordered a prehistoric ocean. The Native American (Cherokee) Indians named the majestic region “Cohutta” which means “Where the Mountains Meet the Sky.”

In addition, you may have noticed that the acronym for our name spells “CHAI.”  In Hebrew, the related word chaya means “living thing” or “animal,” and is derived from the Hebrew word chai (חי), meaning “life”.   Also,  ‘chai’ often refers to a type of spiced, milky tea from India and Pakistan. In North America, a ‘chai’ usually means a latte-like drink prepared with black tea, spices (such as cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves and black pepper), sugar and steamed or otherwise heated milk.  So, while living life to the fullest, we love to drink our Chai tea!

With the belief that where the mountains meet the sky there are no limits, we are enabling others to reach their full potential, to release barriers in personal growth, and pursue limitless wellbeing. We are specialists in the fields of stress reduction, mind/body medicine, and energy medicine. Our practices and techniques enhance physical wellbeing, emotional balance, mental clarity and spiritual awareness. Our philosophy embraces the concept that each of us can grow and set new goals at any time in life. We believe that anyone can learn new skills and can contribute to the greater good for all.

Cohutta Healing Arts Institute provides educational opportunities for individuals who are interested in working in the natural health field. Our School of Massage provides a quality massage therapy educational program that focuses on a foundational comprehension of the human body, massage theory and history, proficient massage therapy techniques, ethical business practices and client-centered care. For more details contact Cohutta Healing Arts Institute 855-515-2424 or contact us online at