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What Will You Learn in Massage School?

There’s more to becoming a Massage Therapist than learning how to give a good back rub.

The Massage Therapy Certification Program at Cohutta Healing Arts Institute (CHAI) is a comprehensive curriculum designed to prepare students for a rewarding and successful career in massage. CHAI School of Massage graduates complete a 755 hour program – 50% more hours than most states require – which will equip them with a variety of massage therapy techniques that go well beyond a basic Swedish Massage and prepare them for the national licensing exam.

We were recently asked if all of those hours were really needed to become a massage therapist. Our answer was a resounding, “Yes!” Most folks aren’t aware of exactly what an education in massage therapy entails. At CHAI School of Massage, our curriculum includes: Introduction to Massage Therapy; Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology; Massage Theory & Application; Advance Techniques; Clinical Internship; Business & Marketing.Books

If you’re interested in learning more, or to enroll in an upcoming class, contact us to schedule a school tour. In less than a year, you can have a new career! We’ll help you get started.

What’s taught at Cohutta Healing Arts Institute School of Massage:

Introduction to Massage Therapy: How do we know where we are as a profession if we don’t know where we’ve been? The history of massage used in the healing arts started thousands of years ago and continues to unfold as present day innovations and clinical research confirm the efficacy of touch. The art and science of massage, from ethics to research literacy, form an important foundation for the massage student’s entry into the field.

Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology: It’s not just about muscles! When a massage therapist gives therapeutic touch, it’s important to know how that touch can heal, and how it could possibly hurt. This course work is the single largest component of the curriculum. It starts with the structural organization of a living cell, and continues through all of the body systems including the nervous system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, lymphatic system, and of course, skeletal and muscular systems, then on to pathology and the specific mechanisms at work when massage therapy influences the human body.

Massage Theory & Application: Ok, so now that we know how the body functions, how can the effective massage therapist help their client? Starting with assessment and a plan of care, and practicing on each other, the students learn how to perform all of the basic strokes to give Swedish Massage and to customize the massage to fit the clients current state of health and their session goals.

Advanced Techniques: This is what gives our graduates the professional edge and prepares them for a range of career possibilities. This course includes such concepts as Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Postural Muscle Assessments, Muscle Energy Techniques, Acupressure and Decongestive Techniques that will be needed for specific client populations.

Clinical Internship: Practicing on clients while under the care of skilled instructors is the final step to prepare our students for their career in massage. Students give massage to school clients while being carefully monitored by the staff of licensed massage therapists. Client intake interviews, assessments, plan of care and execution are all part of this real-world experience.

Business & Marketing: Let’s face it – not all truly skilled and talented massage professionals know how to be in business. Whether the student’s plan is to be self-employed or to work in a larger clinical setting while being employed by someone else, this portion of the curriculum prepares the graduate to effectively navigate the task of becoming a successful professional. Topics include business ethics, planning, marketing strategies, taxes, laws and business management. We even help the student to build their own website!

All of this and so much more is included in the Massage Therapy Certification Program at CHAI. Call or click to schedule a tour of downtown Ellijay location. 855-515-2424