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Massage Certification Class: What Students are Learning

This month, the Massage Therapy students at Cohutta Healing Arts Institute (CHAI) are learning about Myofascial Release – a massage therapy technique that focuses on the connective tissue surrounding the muscles, bones and nerves.

myofascial-release-webMyofascial Release therapy works to release tightness or restrictions caused by fascia dysfunction. Fascia runs through the entire body like a spider web, surrounding muscles, organs and every type of tissue. Its function is to provide support and protection. Fascia is very strong, in fact, it has the tensile strength of steel! This strength provides much needed structure to our internal frame. However, when the fascia becomes injured by trauma or repetitive use, or if the fascia becomes “sticky” due to chemical changes in the body, then the fascial restrictions can cause pain or postural changes.

The massage school students have been trained to notice postural changes that may be caused by restricted fascia and they have learned to test the surface tissues to determine which way the fascia is binding the most. This information gives them the basics for creating a treatment plan. Our class was excited to learn the techniques that can have such a positive outcome for their clients who suffer from fascial system dysfunctions.

Student Clinic Massage Appointments are now available at our North Georgia Massage School in downtown Ellijay. Clients have the benefit of receiving a massage at a reduced rate. Call or click to learn more or to schedule an appointment.