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We “Heart” Massage!

Why Massage Therapy Students Love Massage….  by Leslie Byrd LMT, CHAI graduate and contributing author to the CHAI Massage Blog.

Many people know why they love massage. From its benefits of lowering pain and stress, increasing relaxation, and aiding in healing, to the fact that it just FEELS GOOD. Massage is often sought after as a luxurious treat for those on vacation or for those celebrating something – an engagement, a birthday or an anniversary, for example. For others, massage is an important aspect of their self-care and health management.

Rarely, do we delve into the reasons why massage therapists love massage.

Below, we share some of the reasons why students of Cohutta Healing Arts Institute love massage and massage therapy:

• Catie: “There was something I always felt just shy of reaching when working in the retail/corporate world: a sense of accomplishment. I didn’t think massage would fill that void so well. But even if everything isn’t “ALL better” by the end of the massage, it’s expressed to me what a difference it has made to people and not only does that help me feel accomplished, it’s kind of life changing — every day, every session. I knew massage would be a whole other world. I didn’t know it’d make a whole new me!”

• Toni: “Massage for me is the feeling of relaxation you get within a session. Knowing that I have the capability to help someone that has any kind of pain or discomfort is so rewarding. I have always been one to care for another’s well-being and massage helps me be able to do that in a peaceful way.”

• Lindsay: “I love learning how the body works, and how to use that knowledge to help people live healthier, happier lives. Seeing clients walk in stressed out or in pain, knowing I can help solve the problem, and watching them walk out feeling better than before, is a feeling I wouldn’t trade for anything.”

Having a heart for massage can be invaluable to both the practitioner and the client. For the massage therapist it can create a passion and a motivation that encompasses every aspect of the experience they provide, from the conscientious way they prepare their treatment area to the quality of touch they provide their clients. For the client this may mean a better experience throughout the entirety of their session, a better rapport with the therapist, and a consuming energy felt from their provider that leaves them feeling respected and cared for. Massage can be so beneficial, rewarding, and life-changing.

We are so thankful for our students who carry a heart for massage!

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