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The Ripple Effect

A Therapist’s Story:

Sometimes we are privileged to witness the effects of our good deeds in a timely manner. Other times, we may think our efforts have been in vain.

Stooped over and in pain from a lower back injury that happened a few weeks before at the gym, a woman in her late 60’s hobbled into my office. She had consulted traditional medical doctors, but had not found relief from the pain or the ability to walk upright.  A mutual friend had referred her to my bodywork practice. This was her first introduction to alternative healthcare and she was skeptical to say the least.

My hands intuitively sought the places in her body that were wounded – some more recently than others. By the end of the first session, she walked upright out the door. And made another appointment.

At our fourth, and final, session, I sensed an old trauma in the area below her naval. “What happened to you involving this part of your body?” I queried. She cried and told of an incident that had occurred 45 years ago. No one else had ever heard this story before. But her body remembered. And finally released the emotions that had been held inside for so long.

Massage therapists have a saying “The issue is in the tissue.”  Many times, chronic injuries that don’t heal via traditional methods can be remedied by accessing the body/mind connection. We may ask clients what memories are held in a certain part of the body, or what emotions come up around the site of an injury. Recurring pain can sometimes be alleviated in as little as one deeply introspective session.


This ripple effect continued…the woman convinced her friend to make an appointment to address his chronic back pain. Again, he was highly skeptical. During our session, he made chit chat the whole time and did not relax. My intentions are always “Everybody gets what they need.” So perhaps he was one of the few who got something other than what my treatment could offer? He never came back.

Weeks later, I bumped into the woman again. When I asked about her friend, she told me “You fixed his back in just one session.” Wow! I had no idea what a profound effect I’d had in his life. I’m clear that something greater than myself is working through me to help others to heal. I’m a vessel, a conduit for that energy. Yet I am so grateful that I can serve the world in this way.


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photo credit:  Agustin Ruiz