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Ellijay, Georgia

Teacher Appreciation Day at Cohutta Healing Arts Institute

Massage therapy students at Cohutta Healing Arts Institute (CHAI) turned the tables on their instructors and invited them to sit down and learn why they are very much appreciated. A celebration dinner arranged by the students was topped off with a cake reading “Our teachers have the touch!”

Cake_optJennifer Houle, Director of Education & Instructor, was honored as being “extremely knowledgeable of the massage therapy industry, and knows exactly what she’s talking about. Jen has a way of teaching and the ability to relay and share what she knows with others. She bubbles over with enthusiasm.”

Patricia Babin, Director of Administration & Instructor, was described as “different from Jen, yet energetic. She always has an exercise to keep us moving all the time. She knows a lot about anatomy and medical terminology from her years in the healing arts. Pat has a passion for massage therapy and shows it!”

Jill Darling, Doctor of Chiropractic & Instructor, recently finished teaching the skeletal system to massage students. “Jill is knowledgeable and tries to break everything down so you can grasp the information. For example, she had us make bones out of clay.”

Next on the agenda is to learn all of the muscles composing the musculoskeletal system including ligaments, tendons, cartilage and connective tissues. While the medical coursework is quite comprehensive, CHAI’s instructors are wonderfully supportive and “we appreciate the long hours they put in while taking time with each of us.”

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