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Massage: An exchange of wisdom, compassion, healing and much more.

“The healing arts that take place here are about the acknowledgement and respect of each individual’s complete and unique self. I find that absolutely inspiring!”

(by Leslie Byrd, Student Massage Therapist, CHAI School of Massage )

As this 2nd quarter of massage therapy training draws to an end, I am as nervous as I am excited! Soon our day class at Cohutta Healing Arts will be providing Student Clinic massage appointments. Continue reading

CHAI School of Massage. Healing touch. Changing lives.

At Cohutta Healing Arts Institute (CHAI) School of Massage in downtown Ellijay, Georgia, we believe our curriculum is both creative and challenging. Our Massage Therapy Certification program not only prepares students for the required licensing exam, it also stretches their views of healing, health and caring for others. Our massage student therapists are serving the public and each other as they continue to learn and grow. Continue reading

Congratulations Graduates!

We are so very proud of the students who recently graduated from the Massage Therapy Certification Program here at CHAI.  It has been a long journey, filled with fun, transformation, relationship building and lots of hard work!  We look forward to being with you on your journey as Professional Massage Therapists and watching how you each choose to serve the world.  Bravo!!! Continue reading

CHAI students visit “Bodies” Exhibit in Atlanta

Massage Therapy students are taught to touch the body and  to “see” beneath the skin by feeling the shape and texture of the muscles under the outer later. It takes lots of practice and patience to develop this skill, and along the way, students are encouraged to visualize the structures that they’ve seen in anatomy books and models. But what if they could actually see what’s going on? Continue reading

Who’s Hiring Massage Therapists?

Are you looking for a new career?  Perhaps you’ve been drawn to the rewarding possibilities of a Massage Therapy career, but aren’t sure if there are enough jobs out there.  At Cohutta Healing Arts Institute, we consistently receive Continue reading

Tips for Massage Therapist Self Care

When your career involves taking care of your clients’ physical needs and helping them to live healthier, more holistic lives, do you pay attention to taking care of your self too?   Students at Cohutta Healing Arts Institute not only learn about Continue reading