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Massage: An exchange of wisdom, compassion, healing and much more.

“The healing arts that take place here are about the acknowledgement and respect of each individual’s complete and unique self. I find that absolutely inspiring!”

(by Leslie Byrd, Student Massage Therapist, CHAI School of Massage )

As this 2nd quarter of massage therapy training draws to an end, I am as nervous as I am excited! Soon our day class at Cohutta Healing Arts will be providing Student Clinic massage appointments. Continue reading

Teacher Appreciation Day at Cohutta Healing Arts Institute

Massage therapy students at Cohutta Healing Arts Institute (CHAI) turned the tables on their instructors and invited them to sit down and learn why they are very much appreciated. A celebration dinner arranged by the students was topped off with a cake reading “Our teachers have the touch!” Continue reading

Scientific Studies on the Many Benefits of Massage

You know that a massage feels good. But are you aware of all the benefits of a good massage? An April 19, 2014 Huffington Post article recaps recent several scientific studies that prove what we massage therapists have long known to be true. Clients who have one or more massage treatments often give us feedback about their: Continue reading

Love Your Work

A Massage Student’s Story:

James is a massage student at Cohutta Healing Arts Institute, School of Massage. He is 26 years old and has already figured out something that many of us don’t learn until our later years – that by doing work we love, we can create a life we love.

So how did this young man become so wise at such an early age you ask. Continue reading

The Ripple Effect

A Therapist’s Story:

Sometimes we are privileged to witness the effects of our good deeds in a timely manner. Other times, we may think our efforts have been in vain.

Stooped over and in pain from a lower back injury that happened a few weeks before at the gym, a woman in her late 60’s hobbled into my office. She had consulted traditional medical doctors, but had not found relief from the pain or the ability to walk upright.  A mutual friend had referred her to my bodywork practice. This was her first introduction to alternative healthcare and she was skeptical to say the least. Continue reading