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Massage: An exchange of wisdom, compassion, healing and much more.

“The healing arts that take place here are about the acknowledgement and respect of each individual’s complete and unique self. I find that absolutely inspiring!”

(by Leslie Byrd, Student Massage Therapist, CHAI School of Massage )

As this 2nd quarter of massage therapy training draws to an end, I am as nervous as I am excited! Soon our day class at Cohutta Healing Arts will be providing Student Clinic massage appointments. Continue reading

Who’s Hiring Massage Therapists?

Are you looking for a new career?  Perhaps you’ve been drawn to the rewarding possibilities of a Massage Therapy career, but aren’t sure if there are enough jobs out there.  At Cohutta Healing Arts Institute, we consistently receive Continue reading

Chronicles of Student Clinic: Asian Theory

Oriental medicine has intertwined with Western medicine in many holistic disciplines, including Massage Therapy. A typical Oriental bodywork session may begin with questions about  the client’s emotional state, energy, and appetite, in addition to physical symptoms. Continue reading

We Practice What We Teach


Whether you’re testing the waters to find out if massage therapy is a possible career path, or you’re fully committed to jumping right in, we want you to know why Cohutta Healing Arts Institute (CHAI) is the school for you.

In this and subsequent blog posts, you’ll hear heartwarming stories from massage therapy instructors, their clients, and students. Massage therapy is more than just a career path. It’s a journey into healing and wholeness…for yourself and others.

Our Stories…. Continue reading

Giving Thanks for Giving Help

At Thanksgiving, many of us are thinking about all of the wonderful aspects of our lives and expressing gratitude in lots of different ways. Hopefully the day will be spent with loved ones, family and friends and maybe consuming lots of food (healthy, of course!) in appreciation of great abundance. Or perhaps you’ll spend the day in service of others who are in need, and not as fortunate as you. Continue reading

Have You Helped Somebody?

Most of us have had some opportunity to reach out for help from our family, friends and community.  And just as likely, we’ve had the chance to help someone in need, whether we knew the person, or they were complete strangers.   Think of some of the things you might have done to be in service……helped on moving day; picked up a dropped item for a struggling, young mother; assisted a stranded motorist; drove a neighbor to the doctor; offered your shoulder for a good cry or your ear to let a friend vent; put your hands on someone who hurt. Continue reading

The Art and Power of Touch

“Healing Arts” – it’s not just our name, it’s what we do, and it’s what we teach.

At Cohutta Healing Arts Institute we believe in the power of touch. We know both intuitively and cognitively that without touch we are diminished as human beings. We know that consciously seeking knowledge enriches what we can offer to others. Continue reading