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Student Massage Therapy Clinic Now Open

At Cohutta Healing Arts Institute, our current class of students is entering the next phase of their education and is ready to provide massage therapy to the public.

Student clinic

So, what is this “Student clinic” stuff all about???

Most students who are learning a set of skills in any profession, need to practice those skills at some part of their education. Once the student is far enough along in the course of study, they are given the opportunity to practice on the public, rather than on each other in the classroom. The school offers a professional clinic setting in which to allow the students to experience what it’s like in the “real” working world, while honing their craft with a variety of styles and clients.

What’s in it for you?? You get to experience all the benefits of a wonderful, relaxing massage while helping a student along in their career – all for just $25 per session! If you’ve never experienced professional massage before, this is a great opportunity to see what it’s all about, and have any questions about massage answered by our students and instructors. If you are a veteran of massage services, you’ll probably have some great feedback for our students as they progress in their skill level. If you’re considering massage therapy as a career for yourself, this is a wonderful way to see what it’s all about to go to massage school. See?….win/win for everyone!

To schedule your Student Massage Therapy appointment online, visit our scheduling page or call 855-515-2424.

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