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Should Bodywork Professionals Support their Competition?

Congratulations to our colleague, friend and bodyworker extraordinaire, Lydia Bassetti, on the Grand Opening of her new location for Amethyst Therapies in Ellijay, GA.

As part of the broad based learning here at Cohutta Healing Arts Institute (CHAI), our newest group of students attended theAmethyst Ribbon Cutting Gilmer Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for a local massage therapist. It was a lovely gathering – plenty of sunshine and well wishes from the chamber members and friends gathered. The class outing was intended not only to support Lydia, but to show our students one possibility in the field of massage therapy and bodywork.

All of the faculty and owners at CHAI have private practices in their field of bodywork, mostly massage therapy. One of the students attending the opening was a bit confused that we would support another therapist who might actually be in competition with our own practices. What a great question, and what a great learning opportunity! Yes. We should support our competition.

We believe that to engender the best in any profession, successes and achievements should be celebrated – everyone’s successes and achievements, not just our own. We all hold each other up and hold each other accountable. If someone else is adding a positive presence to the field of Massage Therapy, that’s good for all of us!

Every therapist/client relationship is unique and brings with it all of the varieties of other human relationships. According to Patricia Babin of CHAI; “I have a wonderful rapport with most of my clients, but if the client and I don’t ‘connect,’ then it’s not a good fit. Or, if I find that I can’t see someone on their schedule; or I recognize that another therapist’s skills may be in the best interest for the client; in those cases, I’m really glad that there are other professionals that I trust to take care of the clients I can’t. And I believe there are enough clients to go around for everyone that’s willing to work!”

At Cohutta Healing Arts, it’s not enough to be a great massage therapist – it’s important that we add value to our profession by supporting each other as good human beings do. After all, that’s what Professionals do!

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