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Scientific Studies on the Many Benefits of Massage

You know that a massage feels good. But are you aware of all the benefits of a good massage? An April 19, 2014 Huffington Post article recaps recent several scientific studies that prove what we massage therapists have long known to be true. Clients who have one or more massage treatments often give us feedback about their:

• Relief of muscle soreness after working out
• Reduced low back pain
• Reduced pain due to chronic tension headaches
• Reduced pain from osteoarthritis
• Increased time spent in deep sleep
• Alleviated symptoms of depression
• Ease during treatment of cancer

Some effects that clients may not realize, but are going on beneath the surface are:

• Improved blood flow
• Boosted immunity and white cell counts
• Increased brain power and alertness
• Reduced stress and cortisol levels

Think about massage as scheduled maintenance for your body. It’s a smart investment. The benefits you are receiving go beyond skin deep.


Source: “Why You Should Book Your Next Massage ASAP”
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