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Refund Policy

 If Tuition is paid prior to class start, the following refund policy applies:

A full refund of paid tuition and fees will be issued if Cohutta Healing Arts Institute, Inc. receives written notice of cancellation within 3 business days of signing the student contract.

If a student withdraws before half of the term is completed, he/she is eligible to receive a prorated refund of their paid tuition.  Only tuition is eligible for refund once the first term has begun as the fees have been used to purchase the instructional items and to pay for services that are non-refundable.

Prorated tuition refund is based upon the portion of the program not completed at the time of receipt of written request of withdrawal.  The prorated tuition refund schedule is as follows:

Refund Table

Percentage Completed

Refund Amount
1% – 50% Refund percentage will equal the percentage of program not completed for which tuition has been paid.
51% – 100% No refund will be given

After the completion of 50% or more of the program, the student is not entitled to a refund.

All refunds shall be made within 45 days of the date of withdrawal as determined by the receipt of the written request of withdrawal.


If Tuition is financed, the following policies apply:

Percentage Completed Amount Due
1% – 50% Student is responsible for paying the percentage of tuition equal to the percentage of the program completed
51% – 100% Student is responsible for paying the entire amount of tuition.


Should the student finance tuition for a duration longer than the total class term, all payments will be due and payable according to the schedule above.