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Attendance Policy

Consistent attendance is essential for the successful completion of the program.  Courses cover a great deal of information in a short period of time and much of what is learned is acquired through hands on work.

Attendance is based on “clock hours.” A total of 15 clock hours of absences or tardies is allowed per quarter with no penalty. Since each class is generally 5 hours in length, this means that a student can only miss 3 classes during each quarter.

At the discretion of the instructor any class missed that includes essential skill instruction MUST be made up with private tutoring.

Missed hours must be made up within 7 days of the absence with private tutoring offered at $30 per hour pending approval by the Director of Education.

Up to 3 additional missed classes may be made up per quarter through private tutoring. More than 6 missed classes, or 30 clock hours per quarter is considered excessive and is grounds for dismissal.

Students will be issued a written warning after 3 absences and will be placed on Attendance Probation.  Students on Attendance Probation will be allowed to remain in class on probationary status until the next term, provided all conditions of attendance have been met by the end of the quarter.

If a student is absent for 4 consecutive days of class without notifying the school, they will be automatically withdrawn on the fourth day of absence.

Students are expected to be on time and prepared for class.  Students are considered late 10 minutes after the class start time.  Leaving more than 10 minutes early will also constitute tardiness.  Arriving late or leaving early 30 minutes will be counted against your clock hours in full hour increments.  If a student is tardy 3 times in one quarter, it will be considered the same as one clock hour.  Eight tardies are excessive, and are cause for dismissal.

Students may take a leave of absence only if they are in good academic standing at the time of leave. In the event of injury, illness or other extenuating circumstance that makes completing the program impossible, Cohutta Healing Arts Institute will allow the student to retain all hours earned in the quarters completed and resume at the beginning of any full quarters not completed.  The student must complete all required quarters of instruction within a period of 3 calendar years from the start date of their first quarter.  The student is responsible for any additional fees, tuition, supplies or insurance that a leave of absence may incur.

  • Call your instructor if you are going to be late or absent at 855-515-2424 or on the instructor’s personal cell phone. Attending this class is preparing you for a competitive work force. On the job you are expected to call in if you are going to be late or absent.

Work Missed – Makeup Policy

It is the responsibility of the student to make up classes missed which may affect integration of information or essential skills.  It is advised that students who miss a class contact classmates and/or seek private tutoring from the instructor available at $30 per hour.  It is the student’s responsibility to arrange for makeup of time and work.  Any missed test or quizzes must be made up during office hours within 7 days of the absence.

Exams/Quizzes will be made up during instructor office hours, not on breaks during class time.  It is the student’s responsibility to schedule a test make-up appointment with the instructor.  Missed tests/quizzes must be taken on the first day of the student’s return. 10 percentage points will be deducted for each class day the student is late taking the test. If the student waits more than 3 class days before taking a test they may not be allowed to take the test as the points deducted will bring the test grade below passing.

The student is responsible for the class-work/home-work missed during an absence. Missed work must be made up within 7 calendar days of the absence. Missed work must be turned in on the first day of return to class.  5 percentage points will be deducted for each calendar day the student is late turning in missed work. If the student waits more than 7 calendar days before turning in missed work it will not be accepted as the points deducted will bring the grade below passing.   The student is required to continue with the regular daily work upon return to class.

Student Records

Cohutta Healing Arts Institute maintains student records via an offsite computer backup system. Students may view these records at any time by scheduling an appointment with the Director of Administration.  Students will receive transcripts and a Certificate upon completion of the program and payment of all outstanding balances.  Additional Certificates may be purchased for $10 each with a written request.  Transcripts sent to other educational institutions are processed free of charge with a written request.  Personal copies of transcripts may also be requested in writing for a fee of $5.

Grading Policy

In order to pass any course you are required to have both an overall average of 70% or greater AND an average test grade of 70% or greater.

You must pass each course to receive a certificate. Each course grade is determined from a combination of theory and laboratory work. The instructors will explain procedures for grading with each syllabus. The overall Grading system is A=4.0 (90-100); B=3.O (80-89); C=2.0 (70 to 79); D=l.0 (60 to 69); and F= 0.0 (0 to 59).

If at any point the student’s total academic or test average in any given class falls below 70% the student will be placed on academic probation.  Should the academic average, test average or quarter final grade fail to be 70% or above by the end of the quarter, the student will be dismissed.

As a condition of Academic Probation, CHAI requires that the student meet with an instructor a minimum of 1 time per week for 30 minutes until their grades improve.  These meetings are to occur during scheduled office hours or per instructor schedule outside of office hours.  If the meeting lasts longer than 30 minutes it will be considered tutoring and the student will be billed the $30 per hour tutoring rate.  Failure to comply with this requirement will result in dismissal.  The student may also obtain additional private tutoring at $30.00 per hour to attempt to improve their average.

Pertaining to students receiving GI Bill Education benefits:

Grading:  Students must maintain a 75% average on academic work and tests to take the final exam, and must make 75% on the final exam to pass the attempted course.


Transferring Credits

Unfortunately at this time we are unable to recognize credits from other educational institutions.

School Credentials

Cohutta Healing Arts Institute is authorized by the Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission and the Georgia Massage Therapy Board  to offer a certification program in massage therapy.


Cohutta Healing Arts Institute is a Drug-Free and Tobacco-Free environment. Should a student come to school under the influence of alcohol or other controlled substances, they will be immediately dismissed.  The purpose of this policy is to assure our students and the public we serve that massage therapists are professionals and provide their clients a safe environment in which massage is performed in a focused, centered, and caring manner.  Tobacco is prohibited from being used on school grounds.  If tobacco products are used during breaks, it is essential to take steps to eliminate the smell from clothing.

Student Conduct

Students at Cohutta Healing Arts Institute know that our mission is to guide them toward the adoption of professional skills, behaviors and ethics.  For those who are unable to integrate these expectations, the Director will provide a Notice of Concern; if change does not occur, the student will be asked to leave in the best interest of the group.  Students demonstrate respect for their instructors, as well as respect for their classmates, by working toward the common goal of attainable excellence for all.  Students can reference their student contract for specific conduct that will require immediate termination from the program.

Dress Code

One of the major objectives of the Cohutta Healing Arts Institute is to provide realistic occupational training for all students. Working conditions common to those found in business and industry are simulated as closely as possible. Students are required to meet standards of dress determined by instructors, the Director of Education and the Director of Administration.

  • Scrubs are required for all school attendance beginning in the 1st quarter. Scrubs other than black are acceptable for class attendance with instructor’s approval.  Only Black scrubs are permitted for clinic.  No hats or other head gear are permitted in class.