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Ellijay, Georgia


Co-Founders Jennifer Houle and Patricia Babin

Our educational philosophy embraces the concept that each of us can grow and set new goals at any time in our lives.  Each of us can learn new skills, and can contribute to the greater good. We believe that education is a primary provider of opportunities to grow and change.

We also believe in the power of touch. We know both intuitively and cognitively that without touch we are diminished as human beings. We know that consciously seeking knowledge enriches what we can offer to others. Opening ourselves to the belief systems, values, and experiences of others can enhance our own beliefs, values, and lives.

As facilitators of change, we seek to model what we expect of professionals in the field. We expect therapists and other health care providers to be conscientious, caring, and skilled practitioners who treat on the basis of sound assessments, and provide the latest in intervention options.


Our educational mission is to provide an entry-level training program in massage therapy which emphasizes trained touch, caring intent, and treatments based on a broad base of knowledge related to anatomy, physiology, theoretical foundations, technique, and technical skills. Our mission is also to enable graduates to obtain a Massage Therapy License in the state of Georgia, and to practice in the setting of their choice with a high level of skill, integrity, and professionalism.

We have designed a curriculum which is creative, challenging, and exciting to both the student and the teacher. This curriculum encompasses our mission and enables us to meet our educational objectives. We believe that our students deserve the best in teachers, curriculum, facilities, and methods of instruction, and that the integrity of the Cohutta Healing Arts Institute, School of Massage rests on providing those elements.

We ask that you leave your past educational experiences and judgments about education behind when you enter our program, and to set no boundaries on what you think you can achieve. Invariably your confidence, self-esteem, and relationship skills will change; ways of viewing health and healing will change; new horizons are opened, and these horizons will forever transform you in both subtle and compelling ways.