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As Seasons Change – A New Massage Therapy Class Arrives

This time of year in the North Georgia Mountains, there is a chill setting in. The days are shorter and the night arrives sooner. Everyone is bundled up in jackets and sweaters, sipping hot tea, cocoa, or warm flavored coffee. And yet, soon it will be winter, followed by Spring, and the warmth will come once again. Buds will return to the trees and flowers will once again bloom with life.

Training for a career in massage therapy at Cohutta Healing Arts in Ellijay, Georgia resembles the passing of the seasons. Students come in fresh and new, knowing little-if-anything about massage – the history, modalities, applications, pathologies, anatomy, physiology and more!

As time passes, they grow strong, resilient and confident as they learn and apply what is taught with all the direction, nurturing and care they need to really do their best.

After a year passes, a class will leave and a new class will arrive. At the same time the new class enters, the previous class is now 6 months ahead and is pushing forward – growing more skilled and confident as Massage Therapists.

And so it continues in these cycles, season by season, year by year, new capable Massage Therapists emerge ready to take on the challenges and adventures of this amazing and rewarding career.

When I look back on my time spent as a student at Cohutta Healing Arts’ North Georgia School of Massage, I realize how, much like the seasons, time passed quickly. Yet there were exhausting summers that seemed to linger forever, and Holiday seasons that were filled with fun and celebration. There were also harsh winters – wondering if I’d make it through the program; wondering if I’d be able to pay school loans; and wondering if I’d pass that quiz or test. Finally, vibrant Spring returned; and the excitement of my very first clinic and helping my first client renewed my enthusiasm for this journey. And as quickly as the seasons changed, graduation time arrived.

I am proud to be among the “seasoned” – and now licensed Massage Therapists who found the path to a career I’ve always wanted at Cohutta Healing Arts Institute School of Massage in downtown Ellijay, Georgia.

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By Leslie Byrd LMT, CHAI graduate and contributing author to the CHAI Massage Blog. To find your path to a career you’ll love, contact our North Georgia Massage School today. 855-515-2424