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Massage Therapy School:: Student Perspectives

We asked our recent Massage Therapy Certification graduates to describe their experience at Cohutta Healing Arts Institute from a student – now graduate – perspective. Here’s what they had to say:


“From skill level, to personal confidence, to consciousness [awareness] and professionalism. Cohutta Healing Arts Institute has helped me in countless ways.” – Gordon

“…through any doubts, fears or struggles that I have faced throughout the course, [the instructors] have helped me achieve the confidence that I need moving forward…” – Chrystal


“I feel that I have grown so much as a person over this past year.” – Chrystal

“Going to CHAI has educated me well and made me a better person overall.” – Tara


“I have learned so much from this experience than just what I had to learn for the course.” – Jill

“With them they carry knowledge beyond [what is] needed for massage.” – Tara

“I have been inspired with a new depth of knowledge… An enlightenment to the workings of the body, physically and spiritually, that I was [previously] ignorant to.” – Rose

“All of the instructors are extremely knowledgeable in their fields and have made this an incredible experience all the way around.” – Chrystal


“They all have compassion, love and respect for all their students. Having such a good support system from the teachers was a huge motivator. Having them believe in me, made me believe in me.” – Tara

“I love the family atmosphere that I felt immediately upon walking in for my first initial visit and interview… I have made some great life-long friends through my fellow classmates…” – Chrystal

“This Journey has been one of the greatest highlights of my life. I am happy to be able to say I have an extended family here.” – Jill

Learning and growing should go hand in hand, and a great education should include both. The most recent graduating class was eager to share their perspectives of having both learned and grown significantly, not just in the knowledge of massage therapy, but also in the knowledge of who they are as individuals. Receiving an education in a family-type atmosphere? That’s just a bonus.

If you are interested in a career in a massage therapy, take a look at our Massage Therapy Certification Program.