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Massage Therapy Ranked #1 Best Job for College Students

Need to make money while attending college?

Quite often, college students need to make money while going to college. It’s not easy to find a job that has flexible scheduling and a workload that is feasible in addition to college classes.

Forbes staff writer Susan Adams summarized the PayScale report that for college students the #1 BEST JOB is MASSAGE THERAPY.

“According to a new ranking put out by salary listings website PayScale, (students) can make more working off campus and possibly gain experience relevant to career interests. The site has combed through its staggeringly huge database of 40 million salary reports (it adds 150,000 new salary records every month), and come up with a list of 10 jobs it recommends for college students. Some of them pay well and have flexible hours and others, like hospital orderly or tax preparer, offer hands-on experience in a student’s prospective profession like medicine or accounting. PayScale’s criteria: no bachelor’s degree required, less than three years of work experience needed, and fewer than 32 hours a week necessary. “Then we curated the list and used some editorial judgment,” says Lydia Frank, PayScale’s editorial and marketing director.

At the top of the list: massage therapist, which pays a median hourly wage of $22. Though some clients want their masseuse to have a certificate showing they’ve trained in Swedish or Shiatsu technique, others will pay based on good word-of-mouth. This job can work well for college kids because they set their own hours and there is more work during evenings and weekends when clients have free time. As with all the jobs on PayScale’s list, the median wage is aggregated from salaries reported across the country. In big cities like L.A. and New York the pay can be much higher. This job requires some entrepreneurial know-how. Massage therapists must market themselves and find clients. Social media skills and a wide network are pluses.”

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Cohutta Healing Arts Institute (CHAI), a north Gerogia massage school, has a Massage Therapy Certification Program which prepares entrepreneurial minded candidates to become outstanding Massage Therapists. We welcome college students or anyone 18 and older who is seeking not only a flexible schedule, but also a rewarding career in bodywork. Both day and evening classes are available. Several graduates of CHAI School of Massage are now licensed and have either started their own businesses or have found a job working in a professional setting.

Call or click to schedule an appointment with one of the CHAI Directors to learn more about the opportunities for learning and growth at Cohutta Healing Arts Institute in downtown Ellijay, Georgia.