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Massage Therapy:: Knowledge and Power

It is often said that Knowledge is Power…
The students at Cohutta Healing Arts (CHAI) School of Massage are definitely equipped with plenty of knowledge! The North Georgia Massage Therapy Certification Program is a total of 755 hours of training. Recognized by state and national boards, the program offers 50% more than the required hours. Students of CHAI receive a curriculum that includes an Introduction to Massage Therapy; Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology; Massage Theory and Application; Advanced Techniques; Clinical Internship; Business and Marketing and more! Massage Therapy students are also provided with information on the Ethics of Touch and are often presented with possible ethical scenarios to think about and discuss with classmates and instructors.

“Knowledge isn’t power.  Applied knowledge is power.”  (Eric Thomas)

Knowledge is only Power when Applied with Purpose.
The instructors at Cohutta Healing Arts understand the importance of applying knowledge to real-life situations. Students of the program are given opportunities in the classroom for hands-on learning and for working through possible scenarios that may occur during their future career, in addition to their clinical internship. Student massage therapists are encouraged to discuss situations or concerns that they have regarding massage with other classmates and instructors. They are shown how to apply learned techniques and information to massage sessions based on a client’s needs and goals for massage and any pathologies or concerns the client may present. CHAI students are educated on the benefits of massage therapy and bodywork and are shown how to create effective care plans for clients, as well as how to be fully present and intentional with the application of touch, so that their applied knowledge has the ability to create the best therapeutic outcomes.

Smarter, Not Harder.
In addition to information on how to apply what they have learned, CHAI School of Massage students are encouraged to work “Smarter, Not Harder.” Students are shown techniques to assist them in utilizing proper body mechanics to aid in preventing injury to themselves, and how to provide effective results for their clients while utilizing the least effort possible.

“‘Knowledge is Power’ is a false belief. Knowledge is only potential power. It becomes power only when, and if, it is organized into definite plans of action and directed to a definite end.”  (Napoleon Hill)

Massage Therapy is quite literally an application of knowledge.
When students (and professional LMTs) are smart, careful and consistent in how they apply their knowledge of the human body, massage, and massage technique within their approach to session planning, they have the power to help others. They have the power of providing greater therapeutic outcomes for their clients. They have the power to inform, motivate, and encourage clients toward an increased optimistic view of their health and wellness. And they have the power to establish a career they will love.

A career you’ll love is waiting for you!
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