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Massage Students Learn Research Skills at CHAI

Massage Students Learn Research Skills at CHAI

Twenty years ago, only a handful of researchers such as Tiffany Field, Ph.D., director of the Touch Research Institute, regularly published articles in Western medical journals. Today, scientific literature proving the efficacy of massage therapy is dramatically on the rise. Massage students need to know how to find, review and interpret these medical findings in order to communicate intelligently with their clients, peers, and the medical community.research-fb

Duke University is offering a one-day intensive introductory class specifically into research within the massage therapy field, in conjunction with leading researchers and physicians from Duke Integrative Medicine. Topics include:
• Awareness of the role Integrative Medicine is playing in our evolving healthcare system
• An understanding of the structure, purpose and basic terminology of a research study
• Protocols for how to work within a research team to ensure consistent methodology and usable results
• Strategies for collaborating with doctors and other health care providers in a wide range of treatment environments

Students at Cohutta Healing Arts Institute don’t need to travel as far as Duke University to hone their research skills. They are currently learning to differentiate between abstracts, meta-analysis and systematic reviews, and are required to locate and critique a full text research paper in the field of massage.

While not every student will go dive into medical research upon graduation, many will find themselves wanting to deepen their knowledge base in order to help clients with particularly challenging conditions. As students they are learning to differentiate between sound scientific research and sound bites. As licensed professionals, they will have the power of the internet at their fingertips, a tool for sourcing and disseminating information. Perhaps they will even contribute their own findings to the growing body of research they are just delving into.

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