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Massage School Students Graduating with Gratitude

Massage School Graduating Night Class Says “Thanks” for the Encouragement & Support

It has been a full year for the “Zygomatics” of Cohutta Healing Arts Institute’s Massage School Night Class. They learned the difference between “gliding,” “kneading,” and other massage strokes and how/when to apply them. They reviewed the systems of the body, how they function and how they relate to massage. They also studied the muscles and bones of the body, how they associate with one another, their movements and massage applications. And they applied all of this knowledge and more during student clinic massage sessions to facilitate relaxation and therapeutic change.

A Heartfelt “Thanks”
Upon the completion of courses and their graduation, the 2017-18 night class students would like to take this opportunity to extend a heart-felt “thank you” to all who have supported and encouraged them on this significant one-year journey.

Below, in their own words, they extend their gratitude:

“My time here at Cohutta Healing Arts Institute has been wonderful. All of the instructors, my classmates, and of course my family, have been very supportive through the whole process. (I would like to extend) a major shout-out to my fiancé, mother, and grandparents for being my main support system. From the “You can do it!” pep talks, to having dinner ready at 11:00 at night, to helping me to study. Thank you. I look forward to an inspiring career as a Massage Therapist. Thank you, CHAI.” – Toni

“This has been one of the most challenging years in every way. I could not have done it without all the support I received along the way.
To my family: THANK YOU for all your love and encouragement! Thank you for picking up the slack at home while I was gone all the time. Thank you for believing in me and picking me up when I felt overwhelmed. Without you, this day would never have come.
To my instructors: THANK YOU for everything you poured into us over the past year! Your investment of time, knowledge, and wisdom has been invaluable! I appreciate every late night, every extra mile, every motivational “kick it in the butt”, and every vote of confidence, Because of each of you, I am a better person both for myself and for others. You have taught me many skills that will serve me for the rest of my life. You have become my second home. For all of those things and more, I am eternally grateful.
I love each and every one of you, more than you can know!” – Lindsay

“It’s hard to single out any one person because so many have supported me through this journey, probably more than anything else I’ve set out to achieve in my life. Family on both sides, friends, classmates, teachers… But if I had to say who supported me the most, it would be my mom and dad. Mom supported me so much, that after going to the meeting with Patricia Babin, Director of Administration, before I enrolled, she decided to go to school with me! Dad supported me from the moment I decided I wanted to make a career change, and when he learned it was massage school, he got even more excited! He got diagnosed with cancer just after our first interview at CHAI, but that didn’t change his support level. Perhaps it even elevated it.
Dad passed away in May of last year, a couple months after mom and I started school. After taking a few days for arrangements and getting some thoughts together, we came back to school and decided to push forward; finishing school was just one of many ways we could honor him. After my mom’s mother passed away in October last year, continuing school got to be a little much for mom. She decided to take a break for a year so that I could finish school and take some stress off between the two off us.
With my mother’s continued support, my father’s (even after death with the things he left to us), the rest of my friends and family, and our Father’s support over all of this and everything else, I am able to make this great achievement and many more to come. I could not be as successful without them! Thank you.
…it’s your turn, Mom!” – Catie

Congratulations to “The Zygomatics” Spring 2018 Night Class! And a collective “thank you” to all who supported and encouraged these three fine young ladies on their journey. From Instructors and fellow students, to clinic clients and community, to individual family and friends – they could not have done it without you.

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Submitted by Leslie Byrd LMT, CHAI graduate and contributing author to the CHAI Massage Blog.