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Massage School is a Journey

Massage school is a journey. Of course the commitment required to complete a 755 hour program involves time, money and dedication, but it also opens the doors to an inner exploration that you won’t find anywhere else.


Throughout the year, you’ll not only learn about the human body and how to navigate your way around it with massage, you’ll also dive into your own feelings and experiences around your fellow students, clients, your body, and the depth of compassion that you’ll find within. You will graduate with a head full of knowledge and practiced massage hands, and you’ll leave with a fuller sense of who you are as a human being who is committed to serve those in need.

In your classes, you will have the opportunity to interact with students from different cultural backgrounds, different generations, and different life experiences.  Instructors will share their passion and knowledge of the real world and help you identify your special strengths.  These individuals will become your community. They will stimulate you to learn, challenge you to try new techniques, cheer when you pass your anatomy quiz, and give you the support you need. The relationships you develop in massage school will be life changing and feed the compassion and open-mindedness you will need as a professional.

The massage practice classroom mimics real world experience. As a student, you will be expected to give massages to all of the people in your class, even those people who you may not get along with personally. You will also be expected to receive massages from all of the people in your class. It is important to understand this and to embrace this chance to practice tolerance and professionalism.

Learn more about what the Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals Career Guide has to say about your path towards this incredible way to serve the world.

Massage Career Guide (pdf)

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