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Massage School Graduates Say “Thank You”

Day Class Fall Graduation 2018

This year’s Fall Graduation at Cohutta Healing Arts School of Massage held one of our most emotional Graduation Receptions in recent years, with faculty, students and their families expressing how much the experience has meant to them.

After the formalities of a keynote speaker and commencement of certificates, many attending gave heartfelt speeches regarding the influence that this school has had on them personally, as well as upon the community as a whole. They spoke not just about the beyond-more-than-standard instruction in Massage Therapy; they expressed how this school – and the impact of all those connected to it – is life-transforming, by the eager giving of a passion for knowledge, healing, and growth. It was often repeated that attending this school is like being welcomed into a family. And like a ripple effect, each life that the school touches will spread to others with compassion, healing, inspiration and transformation.

Saying “Thank You”
It has truly been a transformative and inspiring year for “The Talking Heads” of Cohutta Healing Arts Institute’s Night Class. Upon completion of courses and their graduation, this amazing group of graduates expressed their gratitude to all who have supported and encouraged them on this meaningful one-year journey.

“I would not be here if it weren’t for my mother, who financially supported me throughout this journey and [who] is very proud of me. My husband, who has been very patient while I have been away from home. And my friends and family, who are always there for me when I need them. The ENTIRE staff of Cohutta Healing Arts, who are always there for every student at all times. They are awesome. Congratulations, Talking Heads!” -Jill

“I would like to thank my Instructors, classmates, friends, family, and (most of all) God for their love and support during this time of my life. I am forever grateful for all the prayers, thoughts and guidance you have all given of your time. I would also like to thank my [clinic] clients for making this amazing experience possible!”  -Chrystal

“All my instructors, in one way or another, have had an impact on my growth as a person in this year, and the development of the wisdom I share with the community around me. They pour out the knowledge and wisdom into us students, freely and openly. This school is different and better [than others like it] because the instructors really care and mean well. This is a living school. The Instructors here grow you to be [their future] colleagues and peers. They push you to surpass them. What they are doing here is profound and should not be looked over or taken for granted.”  -Rose

“The program itself is amazing, and for me, life transforming. The teachers, now friends, and soon-to-be colleagues, are the inspiring aspect. With them [individually and collectively] they carry knowledge beyond just what is needed for massage. They all have compassion, love and respect for all students. Having such a good support system from the teachers was a huge motivator. Having them believe in me made me believe in me. Going to CHAI has well educated me and made me a better person overall.”  -Tara

“Though every person in my life has helped me during this year, none have more than my family. My family has pushed me and believed in me every second of the way. The word “family” goes further than those I share blood with; it extends to every one of my close friends. But more importantly, every person here at the school – from my classmates to instructors. I can not sincerely thank them enough.”  -Gordon

Congratulations to “The Talking Heads” Fall 2018 Day Class!  And a collective “thank you” to all of the family, friends, instructors and mentors who have supported and encouraged them.

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by Leslie Byrd LMT, CHAI graduate & contributing author to the CHAI Massage Blog.