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Massage is for Kids too!!

When you think of the typical person who loves massage therapy, do you conjure up a picture of an over stressed mom, or weekend warrior with pain? Well, think again.

While adults make up the majority of those who seek the awesome benefits of massage therapy, consider the way that children love to be held and cuddled. How many times has your child asked you to rub their back while you’re putting them to sleep? In my family, anytime the massage table comes out, it’s the kids who want to jump on first, and believe me when I tell you that there is no problem getting them to be still for it!


• allows children to feel happier, calmer, and safer;
• helps diminish aggression;
• improves concentration and focus;
• and increases self esteem

Not only does pediatric massage help generally healthy children to maintain health, it teaches both child and parent about compassionate touch, which is needed in just about everyone’s life.

For some great articles about how pediatric massage is helping at risk children throughout the world, check out the latest issue of Massage and Bodywork Magazine!


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