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Massage Certification Class: Healing with Hydrotherapy

Massage Therapy Certification students at Cohutta Healing Arts Institute in Ellijay have a full curriculum this quarter.

The Massage School day class students have begun practicing their skills on actual clients in Student Clinic and are learning a variety of healing and pain relief therapies.

This past week, our day class learned about Hydrotherapy. What is Hydrotherapy you ask? Well, it is the use of water for healing.

Water as therapy has been around for thousands of years. Early on there was little scientific evidence to support this practice, yet it remained a popular form of treatment for many types of conditions and to maintain optimum health. In our more modern times, scientific studies support for the use of water as a valid medical treatment. We use ice to reduce inflammation or swelling. We use heat to relax tense muscles. We even use water to hydrate our bodies when we drink it!

The massage students at Cohutta Healing Arts Institute spent the entire day learning the history of hydrotherapy as well as the potential uses for treatment in their massage therapy practices. Each student had the opportunity to experience first-hand an ice bath used to treat forearm and hand inflammation. Most of our students were surprised at just how cold it was!

After the ice therapies, our students moved on to warm therapies such as hot packs and paraffin baths. The class seemed to enjoy the warmth of various hot packs as everyone seemed to have one on their neck or shoulders. Each of our students then dipped their hands in paraffin to experience a paraffin hand treatment. To their amazement, paraffin hand treatments leave your hands soft and smooth and the penetrating heat lingers making the experience extremely pleasant.

According to our students, hydrotherapy class was a hit and they can all foresee using some type of hydrotherapy in their massage practice when they graduate!

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