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Ellijay, Georgia

Lessons in Massage Therapy: Honoring Sacred Space

CHAI Massage Therapy instructor, Patricia Babin, has been sharing with students the importance of understanding and honoring the sacredness of personal space.  

foot-massage-sm“We teach enormous amounts of science in our program, but when our students experience being trusted to enter a person’s energetic space, it has a profound impact.  Massage Therapists must learn that it is a privilege and an honor to enter someone’s personal space.  It is sacred space and should be approached with utmost respect.”  Babin says.

“We model by example and have seasoned massage therapists here to be ‘practice clients’ for the students. Until their skills are ready for Student Clinic, they also practice on each other, as we monitor and teach technique and time management.”

“Massage therapy truly is more than just a career path. It is a journey into healing and wholeness…for yourself and others. Witnessing our students grasp not only the science and techniques of massage, but also the art of honoring sacred space, has been an awesome experience for me as an instructor.”

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