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Have You Helped Somebody?

Most of us have had some opportunity to reach out for help from our family, friends and community.  And just as likely, we’ve had the chance to help someone in need, whether we knew the person, or they were complete strangers.   Think of some of the things you might have done to be in service……helped on moving day; picked up a dropped item for a struggling, young mother; assisted a stranded motorist; drove a neighbor to the doctor; offered your shoulder for a good cry or your ear to let a friend vent; put your hands on someone who hurt.

How does it make you feel to help someone in need?? For most of us, it creates a great feeling that you were able to make a difference in someone’s life.  And for some of us, the desire to help and serve others turns into a lifelong career.  There is simply nothing more satisfying than knowing you were able to improve a client’s experience in their body and in their life!

If this sounds like you, and you’re interested in serving the world with massage therapy, we can help with that!

Check out this video that our friends at Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals put together.  See how it makes you feel!

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Located in Ellijay, Georgia, the Cohutta Healing Arts Institute provides educational opportunities for individuals who are interested in working in the natural health field. It is our mission to provide a quality massage therapy educational program that focuses on the concepts of a foundational comprehension of the human body, massage theory and history, proficient massage therapy techniques, ethical business practices and client-centered care.
Cohutta Healing Arts Institute encourages the development of the individual as a whole. Students who endeavor to complete our Massage Therapy Certificate Program have the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skill as they enter into a rewarding career in massage therapy.
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