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First You Graduate. Then You Take THE TEST.

From Massage School to Licensed Massage Therapist – Part 1

By Leslie Byrd LMT, CHAI graduate and contributing author to the CHAI Massage Blog.

It’s fourth quarter for our night class students at Cohutta Healing Arts School of Massage.  Soon they will know how great it feels to graduate from Massage Therapy School…and scary.

After graduation, you have to pass the MBLEx* – “THE TEST.”   As a massage therapy student, you literally spend a year or more preparing for this 100 question adaptive test.

Though equipped as much as you possibly can be – even having used your knowledge with clinic clients for months – there is a hesitation and anxiety about the MBLEx above all other tests you have taken during the duration of your studies in massage therapy school.

Perhaps it is the very official test-taking process. Registering online. Getting the background check. Waiting for the almost-intimidating Authorization to Test. Scheduling the date. Saving for the test-taking fees. (That alone can create overwhelming pressure. If you do not pass the test, you will have to shell out another $200 to take the test again).

The location for the test can be intimidating as well. The drive there and arriving 30 minutes early. The checking of pockets, the fingerprinting, and the need for two forms of ID. Having a locker for personal items, as nothing can be taken with you into the testing area. Having to raise your hand during the test, if you need anything at all. And just how still, quiet and anxiety ridden the room is can feel like an appointment in a courtroom before a judge. In a small way, it kind of is.

The MBLEx test determines if you have retained enough knowledge to no longer be a student, but to become an actual Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist.

Luckily, just as the judge and jury declare immediately after trial if you are guilty or not guilty, you find out immediately after taking the test if you have passed or not passed.

EXCITEMENT — You have passed!!!

For most, this will mean celebratory dinners and a round of congratulations from friends, family, and of course your instructors – who you suddenly realize, perhaps for the first time, if it didn’t occur to you during graduation, are now going to be your colleagues.

If the test was not intimidating, this just might be: Are you ready to be a Licensed Massage Therapist? Are you ready to put the conditions of others quite literally into your own two hands?

Graduating from massage therapy school indicates that you are. Passing the MBLEx test indicates that you are.

Now it’s time to send in your application to be licensed within the state where you intend to work. Within a few weeks, you learn that you are indeed a “licensed” Massage Therapist. You are official. Just like that test.

Now what?!

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* The Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards governs and administers the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Exam. The MBLEx is currently used for Massage & Bodywork licensure in 44 of the 48 regulated states in the US. The national average for passing the test is 66%. The state average is 62%. CHAI School of Massage graduates have a pass rate of 91%!