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What is Massage Therapy Certification Training?

massagebooksMost folks aren’t aware of exactly what an education in massage therapy entails. The Massage Therapy Certification Program at Cohutta Healing Arts Institute (CHAI) includes: Introduction to Massage Therapy; Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology; Massage Theory and Application; Advanced Techniques; Clinical Internship; Business and Marketing. Continue reading

Massage School Graduates Say “Thank You”

Day Class Fall Graduation 2018

This year’s Fall Graduation at Cohutta Healing Arts School of Massage held one of our most emotional Graduation Receptions in recent years, with faculty, students and their families expressing how much the experience has meant to them.

After the formalities of a keynote speaker and commencement of certificates, many attending gave heartfelt speeches regarding the influence that this school has had on them personally, as well as upon the community as a whole. Continue reading

You Can Do This!

Setting Client Priorities and Goals. Treatment Planning as To-Do List.

When it comes to Massage Therapy Session & Treatment Planning, the client’s priorities and treatment goals can and should be treated much like a to-do list.

Putting check marks next to daily, weekly, and monthly items can give you a sense of accomplishment, allow you to feel productive, and enable you to Continue reading

Massage Therapy:: Knowledge and Power

It is often said that Knowledge is Power…
The students at Cohutta Healing Arts (CHAI) School of Massage are definitely equipped with plenty of knowledge! The North Georgia Massage Therapy Certification Program is a total of 755 hours of training. Recognized by state and national boards, the program offers 50% more than the required hours. Students of CHAI receive a curriculum that includes Continue reading

Self Care: Practice What You Promote

“you cannot give what you do not have.” – milton trager

This is the second in a 2-part series by Leslie Byrd, LMT, CHAI graduate & contributing author to the CHAI Massage Blog. Part 1 focuses on self-care for the massage client.

Practice what you promote.
When you look at self-care as a licensed massage therapist (or as a massage therapy student), do you think only of your clients’ self-care, or do you actively consider your own self-care habits? Continue reading

CHAI Graduates Find Careers Close to Home

Many Cohutta Healing Arts School of Massage graduates are working in Ellijay and the North Georgia area. Several have started their own professional practice and others are employed at spas, massage centers and chiropractic offices nearby.

One example of CHAI graduates’ success in the field of Massage Therapy is Continue reading

Do You Have An Attitude of Self Care?

“Self-Care is the attitude and action that contributes to our happiness, balance, and well-being.”

The Day Class at Cohutta Healing Art Institute’s School of Massage has recently been discussing and learning How to Suggest Client Self-Care. CHAI students now know more about giving recommendations to their clients and are able to suggest stretches, exercises, home treatments and more for clients to do at home, in addition to returning for future sessions.

How do you think of self-care?

What actions and attitudes would you consider as self-care? Continue reading

Massage School: Gaining Clinic Confidence

As part of our comprehensive massage therapy certification program, Cohutta Healing Arts Institute School of Massage requires that students complete hands on training by providing massage therapy treatments to the public. Doing so builds confidence and skills for entering the field of massage.

One Massage School Student’s Experience with a Difficult Clinic Session

(Certain details have been edited or omitted to honor the privacy of both student and client.)

I had successfully finished my first quarter of student clinic with amazing session results and wonderful feedback from clients and was now well into my second clinic quarter Continue reading

Massage Therapists Listen with their Hands and their Heart

Client Connection

You hold the ability within you, as a licensed massage therapist, to bring more relaxation to the lives of others. You have the ability and skill to provide others with reduced pain and stress, better sleep, greater mobility and more.

The connection you have with your client may happen quickly, or it may take weeks, months or years to build. Yet, the connection between your hands, your knowledge and the client’s needs is always present. True client connection is in recognizing who you are as a therapist and Continue reading

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