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Chronicles of Student Clinic: Asian Theory

Oriental medicine has intertwined with Western medicine in many holistic disciplines, including Massage Therapy. A typical Oriental bodywork session may begin with questions about  the client’s emotional state, energy, and appetite, in addition to physical symptoms. The client remains clothed while lying on the massage table, while the practioner feels for patterns of heat vs. cold, or flow vs. blockages in lines of energy that run up and down the body. There is a correlation between our emotional states, past traumas, and current stresses that appear as physical symptoms. Specific points are touched and held in order to increase or decrease energy to those areas. The practice is quite similar to acupuncture, but without the need for needles.


Patricia Babin is a certified Asian Bodywork Therapist with the National Council for the Certification of Asian and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and is teaching Asian Theory at Cohutta Healing Arts Institute. When asked if she felt all massage students should have an introduction to Asian Theory as part of their schooling, she replied “Definitely.  It’s limiting to view massage from a strictly Western perspective and it’s important to have a broader understanding of how the body works. The addition of Eastern modalities will enhance what they bring to the table. Students will be taught to pay specific attention to the meridian lines.”

The basics of Asian bodywork, including acupoints, meridians and 5 Element Theory are integrated into the Massage Therapy Certification program at Cohutta Healing Arts Institute. Once they’ve graduated, students have the option of taking one of three different national licensing examinations, each requiring a different level of understanding in Asian Theory.


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