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CHAI Alumni “Pay it Forward”

Alumni from 3 different classes of Cohutta Healing Arts School of Massage came back to class recently to lend a hand (literally) and add to the skill set of our newest class. The returning graduates demonstrated Swedish Relaxational Massage on some of our current students. Afterward, the alumni became the clients for the students and offered valuable feedback about the students’ techniques. CHAI-massage-therapy-web2Their “Pay-it-Forward” participation demonstrated a dedication by our graduates to pass along their cultivated massage skills – as healers have passed on other healing arts from generation to generation for generations.

The graduates shared knowledge that is hard to learn from books, such as: the nuances of what it feels like to use the different edges of your forearm to change the pressure on the client’s body, or the subtle wrist movements that target neck muscles. The graduates even demonstrated the seamless way that they blend a session built of many segments into one continuous massage session.

With input like this the new students start to understand that even though there is much to learn, they can learn it. They can even become as talented as our other graduates, as long as they put the effort into it and are willing to receive all that the school, the staff and the graduates have to offer.

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