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A New Year. A New You.

By Leslie Byrd LMT, CHAI graduate and contributing author to the CHAI Massage Blog.

As the New Year begins, many will make resolutions regarding their lives. Often these resolutions are toward specific goals such as becoming healthier, having a more positive outlook on life, spending less money, and reducing stress. You may want to take a more active approach to your health and spend more time on your personal well-being. You may want to make a positive impact on the life of another. Or you may want to learn a new skill or hobby.

As a massage client, you can work toward these goals simply by scheduling a regular clinic massage at Cohutta Healing Arts Institute. Studies show that receiving massage can reduce stress and depression by lowering cortisol levels and increasing serotonin. The relief or decreased stress and pain, the increased relaxation and – depending on your treatment plan -the use of stretching and range of motion exercises can encourage within you an upbeat and hopeful attitude and a better overall sense of well-being. The application of therapeutic touch with massage, as well as having a massage therapist actively work with you toward your physical goals, can help you to feel more connected to others.

Scheduling regular massage can give you a start toward a healthier lifestyle and can encourage you to take more steps towards improving your health. When you schedule with our students, you are encouraging them in their goal toward becoming a professional massage therapist by helping them gain the experience, knowledge and confidence they will need to succeed. And you can save money by scheduling a student clinic massage, as a one-hour clinic massage session is just $30! (Most one hour massage rates in the area begin around $60.)

Perhaps your New Year’s Resolution is to enroll in the massage therapy certification program at Cohutta Healing Arts Institute. The classes and support given at the school can encourage you to plan for your future and can give you the training for success as a professional massage therapist. There are several chapters that cover ways to improve your health and nutrition, and self-care is frequently taught and encouraged. As you work to learn massage techniques, go over anatomy and physiology, and work through ethics scenarios, you gain knowledge and skill that can widen your horizons, challenge perceptions, and encourage you toward being the best version of yourself. Working with others as you learn can give you a sense of comradery and can help you build new friendships. As you see improvements within clients during clinic, you realize that all you are working toward holds a great deal of responsibility, respect and importance. You learn that you are making a difference in other’s lives. There is so much knowledge, growth, experience and potential that is open to you.

Regardless of the goals you set, there is great possibility for positive change whether as a client, a student or a professional massage therapist. At CHAI School of Massage there are others around you ready to support and encourage you. This New Year could be the year that sets the tone for years to come.