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Massage Therapy: A Gift of Touch

Each year around this time, many will exchange gifts and enthusiastically enjoy the season of giving. The days may be shorter, possibly darker and colder, but it is this warmth and compassion generously offered that seems to fill the season with light and warmth.

As a massage therapist, it often seems the season of giving never ends. We are first given the gift of a desire to help others or to do something meaningful with our lives. This is coupled with a gift for touch – a knowing that within your hands is the ability to influence a positive change. For some, this gift may come naturally and may be evident early on in their massage therapy training. For others this gift comes from months or years of learning and practice. The massage student has the gift of receiving education and instruction from others who are experienced, skilled and knowledgeable. They have before them the gift of possibilities and growth as they practice each new modality and application and move forward through their courses.

The massage client has the offerings of respect, communication, empathy, concern and compassion given them from within the therapeutic relationship. They receive the gift of touch, and with that they find themselves obtaining calmness, peace and a sense of well-being. In the best of situations, the client and therapist experience a sense of comfort and good rapport between them. This can build a solid foundation of trust that keeps the client coming back.

When the gift of touch is granted generously from the heart, it is more than a gift that comes from the hands – it is a gift that comes from every part of a massage therapist’s being. This gift is wrapped up in years of learning, developing and acquiring the skills and understanding needed, and is presented to the client with confidence, attention and competent application. This gift of touch is given with individual uniqueness to every single client the practitioner encounters.

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By Leslie Byrd LMT, a CHAI graduate and contributing author to the CHAI Massage Blog.

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